• What size of dent can be repaired?

    We can repair most dents. The limiting factor is the ratio between the depth of the dent and its diameter. A large dent can be repaired more easily than a small and extremely peaky one. Dents caused by car doors and hail can be completely and permanently eliminated without any sign of repair. Our customers are amazed by the results and often wish they had known about us earlier.

  • Is PDR covered by my insurance policy?

    Absolutely! Insurance companies have embraced the PDR technique. By eliminating the dents caused by hail, paintless dent removal saves them the cost of paint, materials and car rentals. The repair of minor dents, particularly the ones caused by the opening of doors or shopping carts is, in 98% of cases, less expensive to repair than the deductible amount of your insurance policy.

  • Are door dents the only ones that can be removed?

    We remove dents on all panels including the roof, fenders, quarter panels, trunk and hood.

  • Do door panels have to be removed?

    To repair the dents, in 98% of cases, we do not remove your door panel. Our tools are specially designed to slide behind the affected panel. There are many access areas on your vehicle.

  • What is the time required for repair?

    In most cases, we remove dents from your vehicle while you wait. The various repairs take between 15 and 60 minutes depending on the size and location of the dents to be removed. (In some extreme cases, it may take between three and four hours.)

  • Are the repairs made by suction?

    No. PDR is done using metal rods that are inserted behind the dent to exert an outward pressure.

  • Does the dent reappear over time?

    Only if you have a new collision!

  • Can I have a PDR job done outside, for example, at my workplace?

    For best results, it is recommended that repairs be done inside with adequate lighting.

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