Paintless dent removal from Carrossier Express

Trust the experts at Carrossier Express with your car

Carrossier Express is the pioneer of Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) in Quebec. This precise dent removal technique enables dent repairs on your car while preserving its original paint - all for a fraction of the cost charged by traditional body shops. Over the past 15 years, we’ve done more than a million car body repairs.

Insist on Carrossier Express for your vehicle

• Paintless Dent Removal preserves the original car paint
• Maintains that “just like new” look of your car
• Enjoy prompt, guaranteed paintless dent repair service at a low cost

Your car will look like new.

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Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is a precise technique that eliminates dents from your car without having to repaint it.

  • No paint job
  • 1 hour service
  • Astonishing results
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Your vehicle was involved in a hailstorm and now requires the repair of small annoying dents?

Hail storm damage car repair paintless dent removal laval montreal Eco Solution Grele

Hail storm damage car repair paintless dent removal laval montreal Eco Solution Grele

Hail storm damage car repair paintless dent removal laval montreal Eco Solution Grele
Experienced specialists - Unequalled quality

I would like, on my behalf and from our entire team, to point out the exceptional work of Carrossier Express. Over the years, your perfectionism has earned you a reputation for excellence and earned our highest respect.


Audi is known for its brand and the quality of its customer service, it is imperative that we provide nothing less than perfection to our loyal customers and you helped us, for many years, to reach this quality standard. There we are pleased today to recognize your professionalism and recommend your services.


avatar testemonial paintless dent repair In recent years, we have used their services for different tasks repairs, which have always been up to the high standards of BMW. We wish to mention their high quality work, excellent service and courteous staff.


The techs at this company are amongst the finest in the world. I highly recommend their PDR skills!!! Kudos...


avatar testemonial paintless dent repair Joel and his team have always provided me with quality services and their work ethic is outstanding. We did last summer, several hail repairs with his team and the working methods are at the cutting edge of existing technology and able to offer his services at prices that are more than competitive.


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